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    Cleveland’s Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair Specialists

    It is true that attractive garage doors help make a good first impression, but they serve other purposes as well.

    The garage door of a commercial building is an important security feature.

    They are also crucial in keeping things running smoothly.

    However, they may be stressed, worn, or damaged through continuous usage.

    As a result, decay sets in.

    By stepping up before problems escalate, you may lessen their impact.

    Do not worry if your business’s garage door suddenly begins acting up.

    Put EZ Overhead Garage Door Service at your disposal.

    Cleveland residents can count on our team for fast, reliable garage door repair services.

    We can handle any garage door service, from new installations to commercial maintenance.

    If you give us a call, we will send out a specialist to fix your garage door straight immediately.

    Most Frequent Issues With Industrial Garage Doors

    Garage doors may be built to last, but eventually they will break.

    Furthermore, if your garage door is closed, so is your company.

    Of course, you do not want anything bad to occur.

    Identifying the specific issues will help you decide if you need commercial garage door repair service.

    Listed below are some of the most typical issues with garage doors and their solutions.

    Damaged or improperly aligned tracks

    When opening and shutting, commercial garage doors typically use metal tracks.

    The doors can not be opened or closed because the rails are damaged or slightly out of line.

    The mismatched tracks might only need to be nudged into place.

    A professional should be hired to replace the damaged track if the damage is extensive.

    Damaged or worn out torsion springs

    Your garage door’s springs will take the most abuse.

    As the door opens and shuts, the tension in the springs acts as a counterweight.

    Torsion springs, in particular, have a reputation for being exceptionally durable.

    However, constant usage might eventually weaken or break these springs.

    A broken spring can cause serious damage and should be rectified as soon as possible.

    The door does not go crashing to the floor thanks to the springs.

    But if a spring breaks, the door will crash down on anybody or anything in its path, perhaps causing serious harm.

    It is wise to hire experts to take care of the risky task.

    Rollers that are clogged or broken

    Rollers on commercial garage doors slide effortlessly along the rails.

    They deteriorate with age, becoming rusty, brittle, and blocked.

    Maintenance measures like lubrication and cleaning can readily forestall this issue.

    This will extend the life of your rollers considerably.

    Panels or Sections with Dents

    Commercial spaces are more prone to accidents than residential ones.

    The result might be damaged panels of your door.

    Because of the damaged panel, the door is no longer properly centered on the tracks.

    So, it is impossible for your door to open or close.

    You will not have to replace the whole door if only one panel needs fixing.

    Power Issues

    Power supply problems are another possible reason for a broken garage door.

    Heavy commercial garage doors in particular need just the appropriate amount of power in order to open and close smoothly.

    A technician should be called in to fix this issue.


    Contact a Qualified Garage Door Company

    It is quite inconvenient when a business’s garage door breaks.

    Worse yet?

    Your company’s productivity will suffer, and security for both employees and consumers will be compromised.

    This emphasizes the significance of prompt servicing and periodic checks.

    You can catch issues before they become catastrophic with this method.

    Call EZ Overhead Garage Door Repair Service if you need professional garage door service for your business.

    We know that every minute of downtime is money and time lost.

    Consequently, setting up your company is our first priority.

    We are pleased to offer garage door repair and installation services that are quick, reliable, and specific to your needs.


    If you need garage door service, call EZ Overhead Door.

    When you call EZ Overhead Garage Door Repair Service, you will get honest and reliable service every time.

    That is why we work so hard to provide superior garage door repair services.

    As a result, the following services are assured to you:

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